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In only three years the material on my imitation leather recliner has deteriorated beyond use. The response from Mealey's was that the piece of furniture is out of warranty, so there is noting that they could do. They stated that I should have purchased the extended warranty, it was tow months past that warranty, based on their other conversations it is most doubtful that having the extended warranty would have helped.

They had the nerve to offer my a $100.00 coupon, they actually tried to get another sale out of this problem.

I and my family were loyal customers who have spent several thousands of dollars on furniture at Mealey's, well they will not get one more dollar of sales from any of us, I strongly recommend anyone needing furniture to look instead at AMerican Signature.

Ted Hughes

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I have the same problem. Bought an Hamilton leather sofa.

Peeled with in 3 years of use. They need to recall these sofa.

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